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Chinese food party hall-Helen Hall

European gorgeous Chinese food party hall, can accept more than 300 persons to have a meal in the meantime in the meantime, the equipments is well-found, elegant pomp, can provide large business party, western cocktail party, cold meal gathering and Chinese party, is also the ideal place of wedding banquet. The Chinese food has the different food of the special CHUAN , YUN , HANG , XIANG .. etc., establishing to wrap another building 9, can satisfy a different need, the guest of different personal status, meticulous thoughtful, the star class of the hot liver in proper form service, it make you feel more comfortable, the service which wishes us can make you satisfied.

Service time: Breakfast AM6:30~AM9:00
Lunch AM11:00~PM14:00
Dinner PM17:00~PM21:30


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